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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear God, What Are You Saying?

I've been known to say that life would be easier if God communicated with neon signs. Well, I think he might be doing something similar these days...but I still don't understand the message.

Scott is supposed to leave tomorrow to head North for a short visit with family in New York and then school in Connecticut. He might still try for it, but he might have to put it off for a day. Yesterday the heat pump/air conditioning unit...whatever it is we have...broke. He was going to fix it but the part needed to be ordered. So he set it up for it to be delivered to a company that has done a little maintenance on that particular item before and they'll call me and come fix it once it's in.

This morning we both noticed that our showers were only lukewarm. I don't even know what was wrong with the water heater, but he figured it out and fixed that. Then, while I was at the library with the two oldest kids, Scott heard water running and saw Tyler pointing at the shed saying, "Uh...uh..." The water pump from the well to the aerator was spilling water out all over the place. When I got home he ran and got some new piping and fixed that but now the pump won't work at all. So, he just kissed me and headed to Brunswick for a new pump.

This is all on top of all the issues he's had with his truck over the last several months.

God...you have our attention. But we're merely human...and dense. What are you trying to tell us?

Please feel free to interpret for yourselves and chime in...God knows we aren't getting the message. (He really does!)

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