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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Successes With Primal Living (So Far)

So, it's been about month since I've been living new according to old practices. Very old. Like paleolithic old! (I'm not even sure when the paleolithic era was!)

I still haven't finished The Primal Blueprint (PB), but I'm making little adjustments to my eating plan, my fitness plan, and wherever else I need to as I come across recommendations that I'm ready to implement. I find suggestions not only in the book but also on the website where there are plenty of ideas to pick from!

I want to keep you all "in the know" about how I'm doing eating and living according to these new principles. I've mentioned a few times about the increased energy. Now I have started losing weight too. (yay!) In January I stored up a little fat, you know...in case times got really lean! Actually it was due to all the comfort eating I was doing, involving chocolate chips and other not-so-healthy options. That whole waiting to see what would happen with the house thing was not good for my self-control. Anyway, I've gotten rid of some of it!

There's another side effect of eating primally that I've noticed but last night stared me glaringly in the face. I am no longer required to eat on a schedule. It's recommended by many weight loss plans to eat breakfast (most important meal of the day?) and to eat several small meals through out the day. PB suggests eating when you're hungry, as often or as infrequently as you need. After all, Grok (our example to follow) didn't stand up after a good night's sleep, stretch and scratch himself on the way to the fridge to see what looked good. It makes sense that he more likely scratched himself on the way to the berry bushes or with the not-pointy end of his hand-made weapon on his way to hunt something yummy. So, eating within an hour of waking is not necessary. Who knew?

I do now. I'm not always hungry then so about half the time I don't eat until I make Tyler's lunch. I'd yell "FREEEEEEDOOOOM!" if it wasn't already one of my favorite lines in Braveheart. I'll just let Mel Gibson keep it...he does it so well! But kicking the carb addiction does keep me from grabbing things in cashier's lane or growling at anyone who might be around if a meal or snack time is interrupted. Like last night...a friend took us out to dinner to say thank you to Scott before he leaves the area. She ended up having to work late and we had to wait at the restaurant. We usually eat by 6:00 at the absolute latest, but usually around 5:15. Last night we didn't even get to order our food until almost 8:00! And I wasn't bothered. I wasn't starving. I was enjoying the conversation and could have done so for many more hours if necessary.

I'm telling you...check this Primal living thing out! Increased energy, not being chained to an eat-every-2-hours plan, and losing weight...I'd totally give Grok a high five if he were around!

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