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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kids Say (And Do) The Darnedest Things

I haven't blogged about my adorable, if not occasionally frustrating, monkeys in a while. Don't worry, though, they're still as funny as ever!

Tyler is doing incredibly well in speech therapy. A month or so ago his therapist and I decided he needed to focus and not get rewarded when he wasn't paying attention. He'd gotten in the habit of just walking away when he didn't want to talk to her. Even so, she'd still give him stamps at the end of each session. So one day he didn't get his stamps. Ever since he's buckled down. He's mimicking everyone, including Jace and Gracie, and using a lot more words and sounds to identify things. Good job, littlest monkey!

Gracie is a riot! She currently thinks she'll be a mom for a while when she grows up. Then she'd like to be a vet and work on her soon-to-be-Aunt Kate's horses during the week and be on Food Network on the weekends. Either that or she might want to be a singer. She's also quite the little dancer...some of her moves are a bit much for a 4 year old, but mostly she likes to just jump around! She's still my acting trainer and we work out together about once a week. She also let me do her hair this morning. I was really excited when she asked. She never lets me do her hair!

When I said, "Really? You want me to do your hair?"

She answered, "Yeah. It's crazy hair day. I don't want it to look pretty, just crazy."

I didn't let the fact that she might have been saying I don't make her hair look pretty effect me and I enjoyed giving her a crazy hair day do!

And Jace...he's such a practical child sometimes. My sister Mary and her son Lucian stayed a few days with us. Yesterday we had to take them back to the airport after picking the kids up from school. Yesterday was Tuesday. Wednesday is our normal day to go to the library. However, after Jace got up in the morning yesterday he asked, "Can you take Aunt Mary to the airport after you drop us off this morning so we can go to the library after school?" Can you feel the love? Of books?

Well, those are them...the kids. I'll try to get some new pictures up soon...along with more antics!

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