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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can We All Get Along?

Lately I've been wondering if people should hang out with like minded people or surround themselves with a variety of opinions and beliefs.

There's one argument that I'm bouncing around that says our acquaintances should be those with similar values. It's handy to have our views supported and reinforced. But every time I think that I immediately counter it with the thought that if we're only around those who think like us then there's no growth.

I guess a balance could be the goal.

I asked Scott about it and his comment was, "Similar goals with different strategies works best." I think he's on to something for getting things done, but what about socially, when there aren't any goals except having a good time and enjoying each other's company?

Should Christians only hang with Christians? Can liberals and conservatives share a meal without arguing? Should they?

Maybe as long as there's respect among friends it's not only acceptable but desirable to have different viewpoints. I think so, at least. It probably also depends on what your hot-button issues are. Maybe disagreeing on that issue won't be so healthy for a connection.

Maybe there really is no formula and I'm just pondering to ponder. What do you think?

I don't know if there's a good answer or even if there's only one answer, but it's just something that's been on my mind.


Anonymous said...

different ideas and thought patterns are definitely refreshing, as long as both parties learn to agree to disagree when things get touchy. I know for me, I tend to be the one to back down and clam up whenever somebody tries to enforce there beliefs on me. Or worse, belittle me and bully me coercion. I try to be as accepting as my faith allows and love others into submission:)

Mary Teresa said...

What Michelle said. People make choices all the time, good or bad. Choices about faith, politics, lifestyle, but one "bad" choice doesn't make someone a "bad" person. When a pattern of "bad" choices emerge that's when you have to be careful about remaining in their company. Differing opinions just make life fun. Variety is the spice of life they say!

Bearden 365 said...

Matt taught me the answer to this question! I learned from him that 2 people on the opposite end of the spectrum can indeed be friends and enjoy each other's company. Respect is the key. We've been friends for about 9 years & 3 elections now, and we haven't killed each other yet...! In fact, I think we're each better off for the friendship :o)