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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Teething has never been horrible for us. If Jace hadn't gotten super high fevers (like 104 or higher!) than we probably wouldn't have even known his teeth were coming in. Well, once he bit us we'd have figured it out. And, Gracie was always covered in snot and drool, but that's about it. There's something cute about drool covered toddlers, though. Isn't there?

Now, Tyler...poor little guy. On an average day he's more cuddly and snuggly than his brother and sister. Right now, though, he's got two teeth breaking through and they're kicking his butt...or maybe it's mine! The longest he hasn't been touching me today is maybe a half hour. He must me hugging my leg, sitting on my lap with his hand down my shirt, nursing, nursing with his foot in my face...something!

Dada's home...

Tyler can go teeth in his lap for a while!

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Mary Teresa said...

Lol. He does love him some momma time.