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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tooth Tales

Jace is growing up. You probably could have figured that out on your own, especially considering the amount he's been eating. Yesterday he said, "I wish I could eat all the time. I could just live at the store and eat the food. If it was frozen pizza I wouldn't even cook it. I'd eat it cold and then eat something warm after it so I wasn't cold." He's thought this through! Anyway, that's not even why I say he's growing up, today. Today it's because he's lost his first two teeth!

Two days ago we didn't know teeth fell out at this age. Jace calmly told me his teeth were wiggly and I hopped on www.ask.com to find out if they should be. Sure enough, he's the perfect age. Once he found out it was okay, he wiggled them with his tongue, his fingers, his food...anything he could. Yesterday he got tired of waiting and pulled them out! I think (I hope) they were ready, but he was so excited! Got $1.25 from the tooth fairy too! He plans to purchase some candy with it sometime soon.

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