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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Planners Caught Off Gaurd

Scott and I are planners. We have ideas and goals for next month, next year, and ten years down the road. When there's nothing else to talk about we go over something again. As soon as we find out something is a possibility we start researching options. I like options.

Even planners can't think of everything, though.

We're headed to Disney in November. We've known this was our goal for a few months and I've been talking to people, checking out the website, comparing prices and deals. My focus, though, was our trip to Atlanta last weekend.

Today I called a representative from Disney to ask a few questions and found out that plan A, staying at the campground, was already off the table! I figured six months out would be plenty of time...that's what I read. Come to find out, though, you can book up to a year ahead for holidays, like Thanksgiving. Luckily, the friendly and helpful woman on the other end of the line had another idea and it looks like we'll be staying in connecting rooms! What a brilliant plan. I'm glad I called her!

So, moral of the story is...planning is great. Rolling with the changes is essential to any good plan.

November is on...watch out Disney World...here we come!

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