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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Detail Oriented

For my parents' 60th birthdays I've decided to make a photo book of the kids. I'll include not only pictures of their smiling faces, but also of the number 60 represented different ways. We started the product yesterday with puzzle pieces, polly pockets, bear faces, and hot wheels all set out as a six and a zero. Gracie and I put the first three together while Jace was working with his cars. After we'd completed three 60's I went to see how far he'd gotten.

He was almost done, according to his directions. He's sat down with paper and pencil first and had drawn out little cars on the paper so he'd have a pattern to follow. He explained, "I didn't know how to do it on the floor so I drew some directions first." I was partially surprised, partially proud and completely entertained! He's pays such attention sometimes and wanted to get it right!

The project continues...

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Mary Teresa said...

That's because he is your husband's son. Gracie is a mix of both of you...and tyler...with his dancing habits is definately yours. But all three appear to be smart little imps.