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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"They'll carry your kids away!"

When we found out we were moving to Georgia several people told us that the bugs here were big enough to fly away with our kids. That didn't sound fun, but I haven't really experienced that...until today.

Don't get me wrong, there are bugs here...lots of them. There are crawling things of every shape and size that antagonized me for the first several months, until I figured out the importance of having a bug control company come in every few months. I've never had to do that before. Then there are the millions of annoying little gnats that don't bite, but pester like no other. And we can't forget the sand gnats that do bite...there are millions of those too. Love bugs fascinate me during their brief stint as the most populous in the spring, I think it is. And I did see a giant horse fly a year or so ago. It was easily the size of a quarter. Giant. But there was just one...he wouldn't have gotten too far with any of our kids...they're big too!

But, today...this morning at the bus stop, the mosquitoes were out in force. They were so big. They didn't even bother landing on your skin...they went right through your clothes to bite you. Jace and Gracie watched Tyler and I (I was holding Tyler and covering him as much as possible) and I watched them. We were constantly swatting at the quick little buggers. They were everywhere and, did I mention, they were big. One landed on me and I could see his little eyes smirk at me before I squashed him and got bug guts all over my shirt. Gracie had one land in between the straps of her sandal so we couldn't get to it easily...big and good at their bloody sucking jobs! And poor Jace went to school itching his legs, which now have blood mixed with mosquito bits and pieces smeared across them.

We made it, though. We have bites and smears, yes, but Jace got safely on the bus and Tyler, Gracie and I made it back home. No one got carried away. Whew! But it was close ;)

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Bearden 365 said...

I'm practically speechless at this visual. I was probably one of those people that told you bugs would carry your children away!! I'm still traumatized by seeing a horsefly land on my friend's head in FL, and a random southern guy told her she was lucky because it could have 'bit a chunk right outta her head.'