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Friday, April 17, 2009

Growing Boy

I've heard that teenage boys will eat you out of house and home...no one warned me about almost 6 year old boys! Jace's birthday is next month and I'm convinced that he's going to eat until he gets all his new birthday clothes and then shoot up right out of them!

He's been asking his sister if he can finish whatever she doesn't want. I've caught him eating food that Tyler has thrown on the floor around his high chair. Not more than five minutes after we finish a meal, he's hungry again. It's been going this way for over a week, but it's starting to get really crazy!

Right now he's eating more than I am! The funny thing is that Scott and I are keeping track of our points on the Weight Watchers program, so Jace asks how many points everything he eats is worth! At least he wants to eat me out of house and home in a healthy manner!

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