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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Setting Me Straight

Jace is smart. He's got bright blue eyes that shine with glee every time he proves that to me. Sadly, he leaves me standing there with no comeback all too often.

One of the first times this happened was several months ago when I was making dinner and he was ready for it long before it was ready for him. He sat out in the dining room and cried that he was hungry and begging me to hurry up. He wasn't being very nice about it either. I told him it was his choice to sit there are cry and whine and wait, so he needed to be quiet. He corrected me, saying, "No, it wasn't my choice to wait." Luckily I was in the kitchen with my back turned so he didn't see any of the many reactions that crossed my astonished and amused face!

Today he got me again. Earlier when I went into the garage I found a brink in there, on one of their toys. I figured Jace was the culprit. When we got home from the bus stop this afternoon I asked him about it. He admitted it, but didn't see the problem.

"What makes you think you can dig up bricks out of the backyard and play with them anyway?" I asked.

He nonchalantly responded, "It's only one brick."

Again...so true. What do I say back. "You know what I mean," isn't going to cut it with this kid.

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