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Sunday, August 2, 2009


We made it! Three kids, one vehicle, more than 2000 miles...and everyone came back in one piece!

Actually, we really enjoyed our summer road trip. I ventured out with my monkeys and we saw friends and family. We visited places we'd never been and places we'd love to see again. We drove interstates and two lane roads.

I was hoping the kids would enjoy the trip as much as I was looking forward to it. I think they did! YAY! I love seeing our country by car and hope to do even more of this fun travel option with them in the years to come. And they're already asking about trips we have coming up in the next year...they're hooked!

With all the house-hopping and visiting we did they did get pretty tired at one point. I tried to schedule in down time for us, to just watch tv or take long naps, but the weekends often end up bustling with get-togethers. Our last one at home was no exception. We had three different family gatherings and we were camping to boot! As we were getting in the car to leave the last party I went back to find a lost sippy cup and found out that my cousin had grabbed it, thinking it was her daughter's. No biggy, except that I'd only brought one for each kid and would need to get a new one. That's exactly what I said when I got back in the car, to which Jace pleaded, "Please, mama, not tonight."

So precious...and so ready for bed!

Now we're back in Georgia, sleeping in our own beds, cooking our own food, and trying to get back into a routine. School starts in two days! Ready or not...here we go!

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