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Friday, August 14, 2009


We've been back from our summer road trip for a few busy weeks, now. I just realized, though, that in all the chaos of getting ready for school I haven't shared stories from the road. Silly me!

So, the bottom line is: we had a great time. Family didn't drive us crazy and I think everyone we saw was glad to see us and sad we left. I usually feel like we didn't see people enough, and this trip was no different, but I do feel that we did a great job seeing so many people. We attended a wedding, a family reunion, a birthday party and a few get-togethers with family and friends. We also managed a trip to a water park, a museum, a zoo, and a cavern. We saw mountains, fog, lots of cars, and a little construction. The kids played and played...loving most everything about our trip. yay!

On the way back, Jane, one of my mothers-in-law, drove with us. She was a wonderful help, especially halfway through the cavern when Gracie had to use the restroom...which strangely isn't in the cavern! But beyond that, Jane was wonderful company and gave Jace some of what he usually hands out: trouble!

We were driving in the scenic Shenandoah National Forest on Skyline Drive and Jane remarked something about the rolling hills. Jace was quick to point out, "Hills don't roll, Grandma. They're not balls."

We shared a giggle at that. I don't think Jace understood what was funny, though. He probably just thinks Mama and Grandma are off their rockers! But we got one more chance for rolling fun after we got back to Georgia. There was a wee bit of a storm while we were visiting our local zoo, complete with rolling thunder. Jace just looked at us with his head cocked to the side and rolled his eyes. I still don't think he understands and certainly thinks we're beyond help...but it's fun for me to know something he doesn't for once! Yes, he's only 6...but he's more than met his quota for smart aleck comments to me! Thanks Jane!

rolling mountains, rolling thunder

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