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Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Bits

For you: a compilation of things that have been on my mind. Imagine these tid bits presented on a grand platter, held firmly by the gloved hand of a handsomely dressed servant. There's a little something for everyone...crunchy, sweet, savory, smooth...take all you'd like and enjoy.

That little bit of fun imagery comes from a house my husband found online while looking for places to live someday without me. (It was brought to my attention that this sounds like Scott wants to live apart from me in the future. I don't think that's the plan. After all, who would keep my feet warm? What it should sound like is that Scott was looking, without me, at future homes, that we could live in together.) The rule is that we're not aloud to look/dream without the other, but he admitted he'd been naughty so he could show me this place he found in Victor, NY (one of our possible retirement areas). It's on the market for 3.9 million dollars. I told him he'll have to work for a long time to be able to afford that one! But it did have a nice covered entry so I, or the servants, could bring the groceries in without getting wet or snowed on.


The other day the kids and I were eating at the dining room table, which has a window into the front yard. Gracie excitedly announced that there was a baby butterfly fluttering about. Jace promptly told her, "There's no such thing as baby butterflies. That's a caterpillar." Of course Gracie got upset and wanted me to stand up for her. Alas, what's a mom to do? I told them it was probably a young butterfly and gave Jace a look that clearly asked him why he needed to torture his poor sister and urged him to stop. He reiterated that baby butterflies are caterpillars and left it alone. Thank goodness.


In college we had a big piece of poster board or paper, can't remember what exactly. But, we kept it under the couch and occasionally pulled it out to write some great quotes that people came up with at random times. It was a fun little conversation starter. Every now and then I think of recreating it with things I never thought I'd hear my self say, especially quite as often as I do. My current least favorite thing to say is directed toward Tyler. "Keep your fingers out of my arm pit." It drives me nuts that he seems to constantly scratch me and play with my arm pits. I know their warm and whatever...but they're my pits! Arg. I hope he finds something better to do with his little pinchers, and soon.


Why is it that just when I think I've caught up with life I realize that the dishwasher never got run or that I forgot to empty the dryer and the clothes are all wrinkled? Just why? I'd like to get ahead for just a little bit. Maybe?


My least favorite thing to clean is the bathroom, specifically the toilet, and even more specifically the under side of that. And I have so many more years until the boys are supposedly old enough to not dribble over the edge of the tank and drip, drip, drip...anyway, what age is that again?


I'm starting to enjoy, more and more, being in the kitchen. I've always loved baking but have put in on the back shelf so we could eat healthier and not have so many cookies lying around. (Now when I say lying around...what I mean is barely making it off the counter and into the cookie jar. We love cookies around here!) I've gotten more into cooking to take the place of the baking I enjoy. The kids help me twice a week. Mostly we have a lot of fun! There are days, though...whew! Isn't anything like that, though? Can't love everything all the time.

Back to my point, I just joined a baking and cooking challenge blog. It's called The Daring Kitchen and there are monthly challenges to create and post about fun new recipes! I'm very excited about this. First of all, once a month I won't have to figure out what to cook for dinner. Also, we'll get to try new things, which I very much enjoy. So, along with the normal tales of Gebel family life, you can now look forward to daring baking and cooking challenge posts. Then you can try your hand at something new in the kitchen as well.


One more thing...I've been working out with Denise Austin and taking walks several times a week with Tyler. I really enjoy it. Well, not while Denise is kicking my tush first thing in the morning, but when we move into the stretching exercises at the end of her workout...then I love it. I like feeling a little sweaty, more active, and ready to go...

And, now, it's time for me to go...Tyler's awake and we need to go pick up Gracie and Jace. Have a great Monday. I hope you enjoyed your sampling of tasty tid bits!

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Michelle said...

As far as the bathroom- they never grow out of dribbling I am covinced because I still have to clean up after a 37yr old!!!!
Also luv the blog- I can definatly relate!!!