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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've heard you should exercise when you're stressed. I've heard it's not only good for you but also releases something in our brains that will help battle the stress. This may all be true, but you know what really helps?

Ice cream, big spoonfuls right from the container, or canned frosting if you're in a fix.

Lasagna, leftover and rewarmed so the cheese extends in those long, glorious strings.

Wine coolers, or occasionally butterscotch schnapps on the rocks, something cold and soothing.

And cookies. Cookies of every shape, size, and even doneness. Sometimes eating the dough while the first few trays are baking starts the feeling better process going. From the store you can get some Oreos to dip in milk or eat by the bag full. Why did they think it necessary to make the bags resealable, anyway? If I'm angry about something I find something crispy very satisfying, like ginger snaps or the hard oatmeal ones in the cookie aisle. But if I'm sad or worried, I want something soft and yummy...like Grandma Gebel cookies.

If you're not familiar, Grandma Gebel Cookies are a comforting peanut butter dough with chocolate chips. I've tweaked it over the years I've been a Gebel and added whole wheat flour, they're healthier that way. I use chunky peanut butter for the nuts and three types of chocolate chips; milk chocolate chunks, mini chips, and dark chocolate chips. In the past I've used applesauce in place of butter, but when I'm looking for cookie comfort, I don't want to go too far into the health food column. Remember, they do have whole wheat flour.

If you're not allergic to peanuts, aren't suffering from some strange aversion to chocolate, and have some stress you don't want to exercise away...Grandma Gebel Cookies are what you need!

How do I know? Well, experience, of course. And Scott knows it too. Yesterday he called and asked if I'm make some for him to take to work, considering the long hours they're all putting in this week. See? Stress.

And hours after getting that request I found out my mother was in a car accident 17 hours away. See...stress. Don't worry. She's OK. She's got pain meds and doctors and nurses taking good care of her, not to mention Jody and Dad.

As for us? We eat cookies.

I'll have to make another batch for Mon in a few days. Rather they'll likely be for Dad. Mom may be the one healing, but Dad will be the one trying to get her to rest. See? Stress. Cookies it is!

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Bearden 365 said...

I like this Annie :o) I'm so glad your Mom is okay, and you're providing cookies for loved ones. It makes me smile, because it's truly a "what could have happened but didn't" moment, and I'm so glad it didn't.