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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Of Frogs and Fish

Early this morning I got up with Tyler and cuddled him tight while he moaned his way back to sleep. He had a bad dream or something and was whining "mama" in that heart string pulling way around 4:00 am. So, I got up with him and let Scott sleep in. (Don't give me that look. Scott does not get everything. He got up with the kids yesterday so I could sleep. And boy did I need it!) I dozed off for a short time and then had to get up and tuck Gracie back in. She doesn't quite get the idea of sleeping in on the weekend. She actually wakes up earlier than on school days. She's a little odd.

Anyway, after tucking her back in I was awake and cozy with my littlest monkey. I was watching the frogs on the window and back door. I wondered what my life looked like from their point of view.

That made me remember a story from when I was younger. I don't know if you remember the TV show Dinosaurs for the 80's. (I talked about it here first.) It comes to mind often so it must have been during some very impressionable years for me. Anyway, during the time my family watched our beloved Dinosaurs we were sitting around the table one night and talking about not much of anything, I'm sure. Someone noticed the goldfish, who swam around his bowl on the shelf next to the table. We watched him quietly for a few laps and someone, probably Dad because he overflows with useless knowledge, stated that goldfish have very short memories. In fact, they forget everything with each new lap around the bowl, which is why they can be so easily entertained in our kitchen.

Now, as I'm typing this something occurs to me...something different from my original point. I'll let you know what in a minute, let's stick to one story at a time, though.

Well, we surely discussed the sad life of a gold fish for a time before cleaning up the dinner dishes and moving on with our lives. Well, the next morning we found the goldfish dead next to the bowl. We figured it had jumped after becoming depressed from our chit-chat.

I know...sad.

OK, now on to what occurred to me whilst typing...was Dad feeding me a line? It's easily been 20 years since this happened and I've thought of and told this stories numerous times. But I just now thought to fact check it. See, I'm a wee bit gullible. (Stop laughing.) So fact check I did. According to Wikipedia I was, in fact, fed a line...and I gobbled it up, hook, line and sinker. Appropriate, don't you think, considering I'm telling you a story about a fish!

Anyway, I'm now blaming my father for the death of that goldfish. They actually have a memory of at least three months! That poor fish was happy watching us go about our lives until we pointed out to him that we were boring as anything could be. Poor guy.

I am thankful, though, that I didn't ponder out loud about the life of the frogs on my windows this morning. I enjoy watching them out there and would be so very sad if they over heard me going on and on about their possibly boring lives and put an end to things. I'm glad Tyler was sleeping on my lap to keep my gullible self quiet. The frogs will live to do their froggy thing another day!

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Mary Teresa said...

I totally remember the fish jumping out of the bowl!! We still lived upstairs and it was a fair goldfish. Lol.