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Monday, August 3, 2009

Numbers and Letters

It seems that numbers and letters are a pretty important thing to learn. They're right up there with colors and shapes I think. Seriously, though, I'm finding out that there are more letters and numbers that I should know about...even though I've been out of school a few years now.

Sometime soon I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor to learn all my vital numbers. I don't know my blood pressure or my cholesteral level. I'll do a little research to find out what they should be at my age so once I learn those numbers they'll mean something.

It's a good thing I know my ABCs so I can get my eyes checked also. It's been about 6 years since I last did that. Actually, Gracie got to identify shapes for her eye test this year. I think that was harder, though. They weren't simple shapes. They had a boat and stars...very tricky.

On top of all this, I've spent half of the last six years breastfeeding and now I'm done. I've gone up and down in size, having been pregnant three times and losing weight here and there, and I am six years older too. I need to figure out my newest bra size! If only a simple blood test could give me that answer. I'd even pee on something! But, alas, it looks like I'll be trying on some new undergarments and adjusting straps. Nothing I currently own fits well and I just read that bras should not be uncomfortable to wear!

So, I guess I'll send the kids off to school in a couple days. And I'll start my own lessons...all about me!

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Mary Teresa said...

Your blood pressure should be 120/80, lower is better. Pulse should be between 60 and 100. I don't do cholesterol, but I do now that your LDL should be low while HDL can be higher. Now if you have any blood sugar questions you just call me right up and I can even poke you if you'll let me. Lol.