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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh, Wednesday!

Wednesday used to be my favorite day of the week. "Why," you may ask. Mainly because it's the middle child, like me. No one really likes Wednesday, but not in the same way they don't like Monday. Monday's aren't good because that's the day you actually have to get up and dressed and drag yourself to work or school. By Wednesday you're over dreading that, but you're at hump day.

Hump day? What kind of nickname is that? It just shows people don't really enjoy Wednesdays. They tolerate them and get excited once they're over, then we're on the down slope to the weekend again. So, why not call give poor Wednesday a better nickname, like peak day? Consider how our view of Wednesday would change if we thought of it like a majestic mountain top peaking the the clouds of Tuesday and Thursday? If instead of thinking to ourselves, "oh, it's only Wednesday," we could celebrate the climb and summit of the wonderful middle of our week?

Are you with me? If you are, maybe I'll get on board too. For now, though, I'm tired and can't help thinking, "It's only Wednesday?" Even I, an eternal positive thinker, struggles with the the five day work week. So, while Wednesday used to be my kindred spirit, I now look for the light of the weekend to shine through my mid-week clouds. Because, honestly, sometimes even Thursday and Friday are as rough as a Monday morning. All I really want to to be able to wake when I want instead of being roused by an alarm. Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen for a few years, or at least until summer.

So, while I'll try to be nice to Wednesday and look at it like a triumph in the middle of my week. Realistically I'll probably see it as a hump I have to drag my sleepy self over in my struggle to get to the weekend. So, although it used to be my favorite day of the week, I think it's time to be up front with Wednesday, in a public forum so it can't cause too big of a scene, of course.

Dear Wednesday,

Please try to understand that it's not you, it's me. Hold your head high. I know there's someone else out there who will understand you and care for you in the way you deserve. You'll always hold a special place in my life. No other day is spelled like you. I do hope we can be friends. After all, we have to see each other weekly.



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