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Friday, August 7, 2009

Little Scholars

Our two oldest are in their 3rd day of school this year. Jace is in 1st grade and is very excited to learn new things. Although after the first day he did say, "I don't know about first grade, we learned our ABCs again." But a brief conversation cleared up for him that the teacher just needed to see where everyone in the class was at and the learning of new info would begin shortly. He's so eager to soak it all in!

Gracie has begun pre-k and loves it. "She's quite social, isn't she?" is what the teacher asked me when I picked her up the first day. I smiled and nodded. She really enjoys making new friends and can't wait to see her old friends this weekend (we have a birthday party -fun!) to tell them all about school.

That leaves Tyler and I at home, or on the road. We're driving both Jace and Gracie to and from school, which is a lot of driving, but (after three days) not so bad. We also have time at home by ourselves...to play with any toys we want. And at the grocery store Tyler sits in the spaceship cart and drives with both steering wheels. I have quiet time while Tyler naps and don't have to worry about the other two not napping. I've gotten a lot done in the past three days!

So, we're all doing well. Everyone is excited, happy, and healthy. Off to a good start!

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