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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mama's Little Helpers

My kids are still pretty young. I know as they get older they won't want to help with anything, so I try to let their eager little hands give me a hand now.

Yesterday Gracie wanted to help fold laundry. She also enjoys emptying the dishwasher and putting dishes in the sudsy water. This is all wonderful, except that it takes twice as long.

Tyler loves putting clothes into and pulling them out of the dryer, and pulling weeds. I found that last one out this morning. I noticed a few things growing in the stones in front of the house. Our house is for sale, so I try to keep the only green in there the ornamental grasses that I planted for curb appeal. So, I started plucking the little weeds that had popped up and was making pretty quick work out of it. I knew Tyler was wondering about, but didn't realize he was helping until he brought me a piece of the grass that was supposed to be there and said, "Here."

So helpful, except when they're not.

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