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Friday, July 10, 2009

Why Buy Toys?

Funny thing is I just published this without writing anything but the title! And, really, does anything else need to be said?

If all the kids want to do is chase each other with pillows, sit in my lap and whine, and jump on the furniture, do they need toys?

It's no use taking them with you anywhere because your kids don't play with their toys at someone else's home. They play with things that aren't theirs, toy or not.

They can turn anything into a plaything...food, books, sticks. Why spend money on toys?

They complain when asked to pick them up or put them away. They throw them, step on them, and do who knows what else to break them.

Really, why buy toys?


OK, so I'm probably not going to boycott toys...I do like it on the occasions that they actually do play well with them, pick them up without arguing, and generally enjoy themselves. But, toys are one of life's great parenting frustrations. Sometimes right up there with potty training and learning how to use a spoon.

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Bearden 365 said...

My poor children give to charity on their birthdays instead of receiving gifts ie: TOYS! Because they have too many already...I cannot imagine what would happen if the gifts started coming in! I hear ya Annie! Andrew actually loves his toys and plays with them daily, which I am grateful for!