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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PJ Day

I wasn't raised lazy. My parents are hard workers. Somehow, though, I found an even greater joy in the relaxing part...after the work is done. So, today is PJ Day! It's a special day we celebrate every so often when there's no reason to actually get dressed.

Now Tyler is not only not dressed, he's also technically not in PJs. He sleeps in his diaper since it's rather warm here in Georgia. And Gracie isn't in her PJs either. She's very fashion conscious and, like most days, was dressed before I found my way out from under the covers. Jace and I, though, are still proudly sporting our jammies. He loves PJ Day almost as much as me, I think!

I do get a little sass from Scott when he gets home from work and finds we still have pajamas on. But that's to be expected. He's set in his ways. He unties his shoes every time he takes them off. He had to break me from wearing cotton drawstring pants to the grocery store when we were first married. That style was perfectly acceptable in college, mind you. He is also not a fan of flip-flops and clogs, or anything that just slips on. So, for him, the idea of staying in PJs all day is slightly outside his comfort zone...but we're working on him.

While we wait for Dada to come around (we might be waiting awhile) we'll enjoy the rest of today, a relaxing day of lounging after a busy holiday weekend, in our PJs! You should try it!

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