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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Last week I went grocery shopping with all three of my delightful children. There's nothing unusual about that. Jace is a little bummed because he's transitioning out of the space ship cart as he gets too big for it and Tyler gets big enough to be in it. But rather than directly express his feelings about being displaced he went gets a little sassy toward Tyler in the store. And last week he not only had me laughing but everyone else in the aisle.

We'd gone at a different time than normal and got dangerously close to Tyler's nap time. He was started to show signs of wear and got fussy midway through the store. Jace needed for Tyler to be removed from the cart so he could get in. Usually when Tyler's sleepy I put him in his sling. At 18 months old I'm trying to grow out of that a little, because I have to carry that sling! So I was holding off.

Finally Jace asked, "Do you have a crying baby on your list?"


"Well, then put him back!"

After I stopped laughing, and Tyler kept crying, I slung the little boy and let the big boy climb in the space ship for the rest of the ride! What's a mom to do?

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