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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today's my 31st birthday. That's right...I said it! I enjoy birthdays, not as big, loud reasons to party, but as sentimental milestones...not that I don't like a happenin' celebration from time to time, though. So, for the last few days I've been thinking about life goals, past successes and lessons learned, my faith, my relationships, everything.

I like thinking. I like dreaming and planning. It's a wonderful birthday present. Then there's reality.

Earlier I was out painting flowers on Gracie's bed and wondering where I'd take my creative abilities if I had all the opportunities I could ask for. Would I buy a bunch of fabric and a dress form and start making my own clothes? Would I paint ceramic serving dishes and sell them at flea markets? Maybe I'd dabble in a few genres of creativity...writing, sketching, baking. With all the wonderful ponderings swirling through my thoughts Scott comes in and says he thinks we need a new sewage pump. Plop! Back to what's real and needs to be dealt with...life, in all its glory!

Happy birthday to me!

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