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Friday, June 12, 2009

Grandma Has No Idea!

Just about every day when Scott gets home I fill him in on the newest crazy thing the kids have done or said. Lately, there's a lot of that...crazy kid things. We've been in the car a lot, driving to play dates, doctor's check ups, museums, grocery shopping...ample opportunities for lots of car conversation.

Today we wondered what it would be like to be two animals at the same time. Gracie got a Little Mermaid doll that started that topic. In case you're wondering, Jace would like to have the head of an alligator and the tail of a shark (they're faster). Scary! Gracie would like to be part horse and part fish. And I think I'd be awfully pretty as a polar bear with a peacock's feathers!

Other topics this week have included why we dream, what you call words that start with the same letter or sound (alliteration, in case you didn't know), and life after death. It was while I was filling Scott in on Jace's and Gracie's takes on death, heaven and their exploration of reincarnation that he remarked, "Oh, Grandma has no idea!"

See, Grandma Jane offered to drive from New York back to Georgia with me and the kids later this summer. It'll be a three day trip, including a stay at a hotel, a tour through a cavern, and a visit with some relatives, not to mention over 17 hours in a car! During those long hours we may revisit Jace's musing, "If heaven is magical and people come back to life, do you think God knows or does He just turn around and say, 'Hey! Where'd all the people go?' "

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Mary Teresa said...

I think he probably knows but just for amusement occasionally looks around and says "hey!" lol