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Monday, June 22, 2009


I make a conscious effort not to spend 24/7 on the computer. I still probably spend more time than I should. Every time I sit down I pick it up and check email and facebook, maybe a blog or two. But I rarely spend hours on it, so I think that makes my computer time acceptable! Plus, it's where I write. Sort of.

I keep my articles, in all their stages of incompleteness, on our network. I'm not sure exactly where that means they are, but someplace between the desktop and the laptop...my work is saved there! After I edit something I print it and it sits in the living room where I occasionally pick it up, read it and make changes. When Scott has to be at work overnight I spread all sorts of papers, books, and general writing stuff out in front of me on the bed and really throw myself into it for an hour or two.

Normally, though, I think my writing. When I'm in the car and the kids say something funny (which you know they do often) I make a mental note of it. When I'm cooking, baking, doing dishes, or folding clothes, I let my mind wander to my mental notes and play with the ideas a little. And when I'm in bed, waiting to fall asleep, trying to stay still so Scott can get a little rest before his alarm sings long before dawn, I really tackle my ideas, notes, edits...all in my head.

So, whether it's from lack of sleep, too many children's books, or simply my unique brand of cleverness, this is what I came up with last night: Scott hopes that I'll earn come bread (or is it dough?) from writing stories in my head while in bed. (I prob'ly should be sleeping, though.)

So? Can I make millions?

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