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Monday, June 8, 2009

Writing Through Hugs

I wasn't sure what to call this installment, but Tyler helped me decide. It's getting close to nap time, which normally occurs in the boys room. For the time being, though, Jace and Gracie are playing so well in there that I don't want to disrupt them. It's possible that Tyler might nap in mama's bed today, but for that he needs to be asleep before I lay him down, otherwise who knows what he'll drag out of drawers! Anyway, whilst I'm writing and he's getting sleepy he has positioned himself chest to chest on my lap, thumb in mouth, other hand on my shoulder. He's humming a lullaby and will likely drift comfortably away to dream land.

In the meantime, let me tell you about his older siblings. Jace is completely into the "I'm better than you" bit that kids seem to relish in. It's certainly not my favorite, especially since Gracie doesn't take to being called a loser very well. But we're there. Today at lunch Jace was ready to declare that he was going to done first (which is the norm...he eats insane amount and quite quickly these days) when he looked over and noticed that Gracie was actually eating her leftover pizza and not just picking at her food like normal. It went something like:

"Mama, guess what? I'm gonna be done eati...wow! Mama, look Gracie's almost done. I'm gonna eat the slowest out of all of us."

Never a loser himself...he'll just change the rules. True to his word, he was done after everyone else. Clever.

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