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Monday, June 15, 2009

Helping Out

Our kids want to help. I know it won't always be that way, so I try to take advantage...but, how helpful are they really?

Jace tried to change Tyler's diaper the other day and did a great job getting the wet one off and wiping him. Then he practically picked his little brother up by the ankles, causing crying and twisting on Tyler's part, when attempting to put the clean diaper on.

Gracie likes to help fold clothes and has gotten decent with her shirts, just in time to start hanging them all. (We watch a little too much What Not To Wear and my fashionista likes to hang her shirts now!) Everything else pretty much ends up as a bunch of cloth in the baskets.

Tyler likes to throw his diapers in the garbage. Very helpful, except when he tosses his cups, his toys, anything else he happens to get his hands on!

And this morning, Tyler, who is still in a crib, burst into my room! None of our kids have ever crawled out of the crib, which doesn't mean Tyler won't, but I was stunned! Then I find out that Jace got him out! This is even scarier to me...I quickly think that one of these mornings I'm going to have to call 911 because both boys have gotten hurt! Thankfully, Gracie's bed is almost complete and Tyler will inherit her toddler bed.

Well...thankfully that there isn't as far to fall...but he will be able to burst into my room every morning. Rise and shine!

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Kelly Bee Sting said...

I remember catching Christian with Anastasia coming up and down the stairs. I think almost pee'd my pants!