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Friday, February 26, 2010

I Am Just Me

I'm just one woman. Like so many others, though, there's a lot on my plate...not as much as some, more than others, but a lot by my measure.

Today I cried. A few times.

I was on the phone with Scott, crying, when Tyler's speech therapist showed up a few minutes early. Luckily she listened and told me it'll all work out. I like that reassurance.

I cried on the way to pick up the kids and on the way home. I cried just now too.

I'm good with crying. I think it's an important cue that I'm reaching my limit. And something needs to give. So here's a list of things that might give my tear ducts a rest.

Someone could knock on the door or email or call and offer to buy or rent our home. Not lead us on for a week only to decide they really don't want it. Not counter our offers. Someone to just say yes to what we're asking (which I truly believe to be more than fair) and maybe even brings their own pen to sign an agreement. If they don't have their own, I'll find one. No biggie.

Jace could start using the toilet again - for pooping purposes too, not just pee. I mean most of his urine makes it in the bowl, except for the stuff that somehow ends up on the base, under the bowl that I have to clean. But I'm really tired of the poop thing happening in his underwear. He's going to be 7 years old (that's two syllables) in a couple months and I don't think I should have to wipe his rear or clean his underwear as often as I do.

Scott's job could get easier or his online class become clear. Either would reduce his stress, and therefore mine.

I could not be met with disappointment when I pick the kids up from school and say we're going home. It's not such an awful place. Maybe if they didn't have any toys if would be...but it's not like they play with them now...so maybe giving away they're toys would work out OK. I'll have to think on that...

Until the time when one of these things happens, I'm going to make myself a second cup of tea. My first one got cold and then spilled, which is somehow worse than being spilled when warm. Probably something about adding insult to injury. But I think a second cup is in order.

Don't you?

Know what? I mean no offense, but it doesn't matter so much if you agree...I am just me. And I want some hot, comforting, soothing, calming tea.

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