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Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I'm quite excited! My little sister turned me onto MckMama, whose blog is here, many moons ago. I've enjoyed reading not only MckMama's Not Me! Monday posts but also scanning through other people's denials. I've come close to spitting out beverages reading some Not Me's but mostly I realize I'm nodding in agreement...been there too! Every week I consider the possibility of denying my own life right along with MckMama's other readers. That day has come.

My lunch did not start with the last cookie from the batch I made yesterday. It certainly didn't finish with Frito's in bowl of cheesy eggs with salsa. I know how to eat healthy and know that chips and cookies aren't part of that equation. I know better. I wouldn't do that.

Um, er...I don't give intense consideration to what I should wear when showing the house to interested parties. I didn't try to improve upon that look when today's interested party was interested in buying not renting. I most certainly did not try on three different outfits before settling on something comfortable and conservative to greet this gentleman in. After showing him the house and yard, I'm not trying to find the perfect combination of prayer and pleading for this to work out and so that we can be free and clear of the house here and move with Scott to the other side of the country.

After hearing from Mom about how burying a statue of St. Francis in your yard can bring a buyer quickly, I'm not wondering where I can get a statue of St. Francis here in the deep South. Hmmm....

I'm not absolutely whipped from this one showing and I'm not ready for a nap. I'm an adult and don't need afternoon naps. I'm not going to go set my alarm after I finish this post just in case I can't convince my eyes to stay open.

Whew...that was therapeutic. I'm not sure I'll be a faithful participator in Not Ne! Monday, but I'll definitely be back! There's a lot more I can get off my chest! Don't forget to enjoy the other posts at MckMama's.

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Elizabeth said...

Your lunch sounds all too common to me! :)