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Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday

For anyone who's new to Not Me! Monday...it's a fun, little way to deny the chaos of life that MckMama began over at her fun, not-so-little blog. Enjoy my denials and head over there to read tons more!

Well, to begin with...I'm not writing this at almost 9:00 at night because I forgot today was even Monday. I most certainly haven't been waiting for Monday to come around so that I can write another Not Me! post only to completely miss that it was actually Monday all day today! Why does Monday always sneak up on me?

I didn't have so much fun writing my first Not Me! post that I thought about keeping a list of things I'd like to publicly deny. That would be silly. On this non existent list I wouldn't have written something like "hadn't showered for two days before going to get my hair cut." I'd never go two days without showering and I most certainly wouldn't go out in public and have a service like a little trim done if I did.

I did not almost pee myself the other day because I was really into a game on FaceBook. I'm over 30...I know how to get to the potty on time. Surely, I do. I didn't on the same day witness Gracie run like crazy from the office, where she was playing on the computer, to the bathroom yelling, "I've gotta go BAAAAD!" on the way. I wouldn't set an example like that for my children.

I did not start this post with great intentions and then realize that it's not only bed time, but I don't have that much to say! I guess it's good that I don't have to much to deny this week, right?

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