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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Have you ever recognized someone from far away by the way they walk? If you've ever met the submarine when it comes in...it's the only way to do it. The guys are all dressed the same. Your husband may have lost weight from not eating well or gained from not eating well which means searching out the body type you knew months ago isn't always helpful. So, you look for that walk that is clearly your man.

I'm sure there are other times, too, that knowing a person's walk can be ever so helpful. Just in case you ever need to identify my kids by their walk...here's what I've noticed.

Jace is a boy with a focus. He usually walks pretty quickly, only looking ahead. That is unless his focus is on the book in his hand. Then he plods slowly along, eyes in the book.

Gracie hardly ever walks. She skips, jumps, hops. Even if she's holding your hand - she skips, jumps, hops.

Tyler doesn't walk. You can't really blame him. His legs are short. Cute, but short. So he runs. And he almost always leads with his head.

Hopefully that helps you pick out these three little monkeys from the crowd. If you happen to not be looking for them... Well, you still might recognize Jace when he bumps into you because he wasn't watching where he was going and glances up long enough to mumble, "Sorry." Gracie will be easily identifiable when she bounces on your toes and stops for a quick giggle and, "Oops! Sorr-rry!" and is gone again. And you'll no doubt know Tyler when he rams you with his hard head yelling, "Awwwrrrrr!" Hopefully you're well balanced.

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