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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ordinary Days

I know, I know...I haven't written anything in a few days. I'm sure you've all been checking my blog diligently and I've let you down each and every of the last five days. I am terribly sorry. Not really, but a little. I do kind of feel like I should keep up with my blog...I enjoy it, you enjoy it, what's the down side. But sometimes there just isn't much to write.

We lead pretty ordinary lives.

On Tuesday I went to a preschool dance party and had a really good time and really good bacon wrapped shrimp. Wednesday both Jace and Gracie had their Valentine's parties at school. Tyler and I attended Gracie's and enjoyed watching the kids get way too excited to get a little piece of paper with a transformer or Mylie Cyrus on it! We also ate some yummy treats and brought home enough to be snack for the next week!

The kids had an extra long long weekend this weekend. They've been off since coming home filled with sugar on Wednesday. Thursday we visited the library where Jace came home with ten books. I got two. We had lunch with friends and finished off the day with a Cub Scout meeting. Friday Tyler had speech therapy, where he did super, and we relaxed the rest of the day.

Yesterday we took it easy and, after nap went to Jacksonville to the Jax International Car and Truck Show, which takes longer to say than walk through. Thankfully, Scott (active duty military), Gracie and Tyler (under 6 years old) were free. And we did see a really cool purple car that made Gracie's day! It was a relaxing afternoon and we finished the day off with a family date. We went to Ruby Tuesday and told the kids that Mama and Dada were on a date and they were tagging along! They were happy to be there with us and we enjoyed a pretty good meal.

That's pretty much it. I did go grocery shopping by myself today...that wasn't ordinary, but not all that Earth shattering either!

Ok, so there was one maybe exciting happening on Friday night. We had a couple come check out the house. They're interested in renting to own, so we'll see. I no longer get too excited. But I will, if and when they call back to get a deal moving. We've also had two other emails, a phone call, and someone stopped to ask questions of Scott yesterday. Really, nothing unusual there either. We've been consistently getting inquiries. We'll keep you posted.

And, yesterday morning something was said that might give you a little giggle. So, we'll leave you with that.

I DVR'd the opening ceremonies of the Olympics so that Jace and Gracie could watch them. We sat with the globe and found each country as they were announced. That was much harder than I expected it to be! A few times I had to jump online and google it, then find it on the globe!

When we got to Germany, Jace said, "That's where Aunt Mary and Uncle Nick live."

I said, "True, but they're actually in New York visiting their families right now."

The kids jumped up and down and were so excited. Jace exclaimed, "Does that mean we're going to get to see them?" I told him yes.

Gracie declared, "Yay! Aunt Mary doesn't live on another planet anymore!"

Don't fret...Jace quickly taught her the differences between planets, continents and countries. All is well...and we do get to see Aunt Mary and meet cousin Lu at the end of the month. Yay!

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