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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Three Wishes

We don't usually eat out very often. With that said, we've been to Chick-fil-a twice in the last two weeks. The cool thing about that is that they have really neat toys in their kids' meals. The other cool thing is that you can trade your toy for an ice cream cone if it's unopened. Pretty neat, huh?

Well, the first time we went the kids got a story CD from Between the Lions. I didn't give them the option for ice cream that time. They love stories on CD. Wendy's was giving them out over the summer and that's when they first discovered how much they enjoyed listening to stories in the car. This CD was no different, they enjoyed it just as much as the first.

So, when we went back the second time to meet friends for lunch, I didn't turn the CDs in for ice cream. They still got ice cream because their friends did turn their CDs in and I didn't want to fight that battle. So, I just paid the extra to get them cones and let them keep the CDs. We now have the complete set.

Today we listened to a story about a woman who was given three wishes. After the story I asked the kids what they would wish for if they were given three wishes.

"Barbies! And a Barbie car...or a truck!" Gracie shouted. I don't know why she shouts...the van isn't that big, but she shouted.

Jace asked, "How about a jeep?"

"Yeah...a jeep! Lots of Barbies and a Barbie car and a Barbie jeep!"

"What about you, Jace?" I asked.

"Well...I'd like a BB Gun, a real one. And a real 4-Wheeler and a dirt bike."

Gracie offered her opinion. "Jace...what if you had another wish? Then you could wish for a real video game too."

Jace whispered to her so I wouldn't hear. "No...I can't wish for that. Mama and Dada won't let us have video games."

"Oh," Gracie whispered back.

I smiled to myself and didn't explain that we were hypothesizing and he could have whatever he wants!

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