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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I remember from Abnormal Psych that someone (I think Freud) had a theory that schizophrenia is developed because mother's make their kids crazy. By not being consistent in praise and punishment the child doesn't know what to do and just loses his grip on reality. I think I've mentioned before (I'd link to it but I'm not sure where I said it) that my dad, not a famous psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, or psycho-anything, has his own theory. He believes that insanity is inherited from your children.

My take? My kids are making me nuts, especially when it comes to food. On Sunday we had BBQ chicken. It wasn't Jace's favorite BBQ sauce, but it was acceptable and both he and Gracie ate it. Monday we figured out the grocery list for the week, which meant determining what Gracie and Jace would make for their meals on Tuesday and Friday. Gracie chose a pasta recipe, but of course there was no protein and definitely no vegetable. I suggested chicken and she agreed to the same BBQ chicken as Sunday night.

Now, in case you're not following...Tuesday is two days after Sunday. Sunday she ate the chicken and wanted more. Tuesday she didn't eat the chicken. It wasn't leftovers. It was baked the same way with the same BBQ sauce, still not Jace's favorite, but everyone ate it two days earlier. AAAHHHH!!!!

This happens all the time. Someone will eat peas on Monday but not on Thursday. Someone else will eat lasagna the first night but not leftovers a few days later. However, the person who didn't eat it the first night will want seconds of the leftovers. Broccoli used to be a favorite and now is a no-go. And when we do find something that everyone eats all on the same night I am ever-so-hopeful that I can carefully prepare the same meal once a week and it'll get eaten. That's never the case.

Even though they're working hard to make me lose my marbles, they do make me laugh sometimes too. The other night we had quesadillas. All three kids like to dip so we had sour cream, guacamole, and salsa to go with the cheesy delights. Gracie, who obviously watches too much Food Network with me, said, "Well, what a really like about your salsa (FYI-it came from a jar) is the taste. It has good flavor. But I don't like the tomatoes, peppers, or onions." Silly girl! She's not lying, though. She'll dip into the salsa and get the color and flavor all over her food, but she won't eat any of the chunks! (Shrug)

So, while I'm working on remaining calm and composed during meal time and meal planning, and especially when I'm cleaning off plates after dinner, don't be completely surprised if you find me in the loony bin some time in the future. Be sure to blame it on my kids based on Dad's theory, not on my mother!

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Susie said...

Speaking of mothers... mine (the nutritionist) has recommended to me reading Ellyn Satter http://www.ellynsatter.com/. I read her book on breastfeeding, and found it helpful. She has some interesting ideas - I think she's helped me not to stress about what Ethan eats. Maybe she'll help you too, even if all it says is that you're doing everything right, and kids are kids :)