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Thursday, February 4, 2010


We've all seen the Met Life commercials. We know what a big word "if" can be. Well, it's also a little word, one I'd stopped using it without even realizing.

Recently I was talking to someone about the kids and how darn smart they are. I was telling them about how we're trying to figure out what schools will be best for them when we move to Washington.

"When? As in you're definitely moving? Has something changed?"

Hello, reality.

No, nothing has changed. We still don't know for sure where the kids and I will be next year. I guess at some point I'd stopped saying "if we move" and starting saying "when." Maybe it's the power of positive thinking. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. Either way...nothing has changed. So I'm consciously returning to realistic thinking. If.

After I dropped Jace off at school yesterday morning Gracie asked if she'd be going to that school next year. I told her, "If we don't move to Washington, then yes, you'll be at the same school as Jace. If we do move you'll go to Kindergarten in Washington." If.

Scott has less than six weeks left at work. He'll have some down time here before he leaves for Connecticut. But we'd really like to turn "if" into "when" before he's on the road. The kids get out of school in four months. We'd really like to have "if" be "when" by then.

While we wait, though, we'll plan for if. Where's Lucy and her little lemonade stand when you need her? I have a nickel and could use her expertise!

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