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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Symbolic Syllables

Tyler turned two years old a few days ago. We didn't do a whole bunch for his big day...got pictures taken and he opened a few gifts and cards. We'll celebrate more for his half-birthday in June. Jace and Gracie's birthdays are in May and June and I decided it's really convenient to get new clothes and toys every six months. It's also a little easier on the check book. So, since Tyler really doesn't care yet, we'll have a cake and sing his praises this summer!

Being that Tyler is our youngest I didn't know if I'd have any issues with him turning two. I'm not one of those parents who drags my heals and doesn't want her children to go up, but there is something that pulls at my heart strings knowing that my baby really isn't a baby anymore. More than stressing over Tyler's birthday, I did comment to Scott that I might be struggling with the fact that Jace will be seven years old in five months.

"Seven?" he said. "What's the deal with that? It's not like he's going to start driving or anything."

"No...but that does remind me that the other day when I was returning that book the cashier asked for my driver's license and Gracie asked when she'd be able to take driving lessons. I said, 'Uh...when you're 16.'

She countered with, 'What about 13?'

'No, 16.' The cashier just smiled and shook her head!"

Scott reminded me that we don't negotiate with terrorists and children are terrorists. Both are true...and Gracie won't be driving at 13 years old. Silly girl.

I refocused our conversation. "Back to Jace...it's not that turning seven is any huge milestone to most, but it seems like a big deal to me because it has two syllables."

"What?!" Lots of laughter. "Are you serious? You need to blog about this...mothers are crazy."

I'm sorry that he lumped all of you other moms in with me. Maybe you're not all as crazy as I am. Or are you?

It's not even that I don't want Jace to turn seven, I just can't believe it has gone by so quickly. He was my baby once. I remember when he turned two. It wasn't that long ago, but long enough, I guess, that my little Jace is growing into a big Jace...two syllables old. In a few months, now, let's not rush things! (Wink, wink)

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Bearden 365 said...

I'm with you Annie. I get super sentimental about that stuff. In my post-partum haze with Evan I once started bawling to Jesse saying "It all just goes by so fast!" Evan was about, oh, 3 weeks old at that time!! lol! But it does, our babies aren't babies for long and it all just seems so...fleeting I guess is the word I would use. It just flies by even though you want to capture it and bottle it!