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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He Likes Me...He Really Likes Me

I've heard that the best indication of how your spouse feels about you is not in how he talks to you, but in how he talks to others about you.

Scott tells me he loves me daily, more than once. I learned in college in some relationship class that well connected couples share at least ten non-sexual touches a day. Scott makes it a point to give me that attention. Even though I feel like the most special girl in the world with him I was still a little speechless and slightly teary after bumping into a co-worker of his at the store today.

Apparently he likes me. We were talking about all the shenanigans with Scott's orders, whether the kids and I are tagging along or not...it's really almost all I talk about these days! She said several things that touched me but perhaps the most direct and simple was, "He wants you to go."

It's true. He does. I knew that but hearing it from her touched me. Even writing this now I'm tearing up. Sometimes it's easy to feel like nothing special when day in and out my role is to cook, clean, pay bills, and run errands. It's easy to feel like a bedraggled, tired mom. It's easy to forget that first came love. Even though we say it all the time and try to show it all the time, hearing it from an outside source is elating.

Nine and a half hears after "I do" we're going strong, stronger than I knew possible. No matter where we end up because of practicalities, that simple fact that we want to be together will remain our goal. And it's good to have goals.

And for the record, I want to go with him too.


Susie said...

Maybe that's your sign? I don't think wanting to be with your spouse "clouds" your judgement - I think it helps make a difficult decision! Just my two cents ... I obviously don't know everything else involved. You guys will make the decision that's right for you :)

Bearden 365 said...

I want you to go with him too!! Love this post Annie, really ♥