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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Quiet Gebel Family Christmas

It's now two days after Christmas. I'm just starting to organize and rearrange to fit in all the new stuff with all the old, and maybe to get rid of some of the old!

Christmas day I did manage to get the doll house Santa got Gracie moved into her room and to unpackage all the dolls and accessories she unwrapped that morning. As far as packaging goes...you know the plastic pieces that hold the tags onto the clothes at the store, the ones that you try to break with your teeth even though you know you shouldn't? Well, barbies, barbie clothes, barbie shoes, barbie cell phones and water bottles...all of it is held to the card board with little mini plastic things. I think I could have made another whole doll with all those pesky little pieces! In the end, though, the jolly man did a great job! Gracie loves her dolls and their house! She's been in her room every day playing with her them. And when she's not there she's been painting and coloring with the princess art things she got from her grandmas and grandpas. She's a happy girl!

Jace got Legos. He got other things too...books he's started to read, clothes he's already set out for the first day back to school...but he got a lot of very cool Legos! He now has a bin to store all his new and old blocks in. It's big and he can sort through it and he can't wait to play with it! I just shooed him outside, though, so he'll have to wait! However, that is today's major project...getting all the Legos in one place and keeping them in the office, which is going to be where Jace plays with Legos. In the past he's moved his Legos out of the boys' bedroom so that Tyler could nap, but this way they'll already be out. Another bonus is that he can create and leave things set up and I won't step on them in the middle of the night when responding to Tyler's cries or checking on the tooth fairy. (By the way, Jace lost his 4th tooth last Tuesday...he's quite cute with his missing teeth!)

While we're discussing Legos, though, I feel I should let you all know something. In an effort to get more for less I bought Jace a set of Lego-knock offs. They were about half the price and instead off getting him just a truck and trailer I was able to get him a set with all the makings for both fire and police stations, a helicopter, a plane, and four other trucks. It seemed like such a great idea! Alas, they're not as good. Most of them stick together but some of them don't. Scott was not impressed. In the future, I'll surely stick to the real thing!

And Tyler...he got lots of things he loves. Tractors. Trains. Cars. He wasn't so interested in actually unwrapping the gifts, but once he saw what each new present was he couldn't wait for Dada wot get it out for him!

Jace summed up the gift opening well. "It was a Lego, Barbie, and wheels included Christmas!"

The kids were thrilled, and two days later still are. Scott and I enjoyed the excitement in their eyes and have eaten our share of cookies, even frosted a few! It's been a great few days! I do have one question, though, how is it that after spending a few days in pajamas I have so much laundry to do? Oh, well, I guess the World's Greatest Mom (that's me...Jace got me a magnet that says so!) better get her basket and start sorting! We might want clean clothes for New Year's!

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