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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thinking Thursday

In the tradition of Wondering Wednesday, I present...Thinking Thursday!

As you know, I have kids. They're a hoot!

Today Gracie pulled on her rib cage and asked me if it was her "boob bone" and when her boobs would grow big? OK, back it up...she's not even four years old yet! I calmly taught her about ribs and the very basics of puberty. Then she was off to antagonize her big brother.

After the usual little spats back and forth, Jace and Gracie decided to play some game that caused Jace to say, "Are you laughing or crying?" In my mind, anything that begs that question doesn't need repeating. The good news: I apparently don't think like a six year old. I heard the whimpering from Gracie and the same question twice more before I put a stop to that game.

Then they played in a tent that I'd set up for them in the bedroom. Camping is great entertainment! After several warning, though, they broke the tent, leaving fiberglass shards for me to grab before I realized the poles were made of fiberglass.

So, all of this leaves me thinking, "Why don't we have year-round school?"

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