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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"I can see the blinking light."

"I saw it first!"

"I ate all my lunch."

"I finished my drink first!"

"I rode my bike 67,000 miles."

"I rode my bike 69,000 miles!"

Seriously? I know this sibling competitiveness is normal and probably healthy. It's also completely obnoxious! Luckily, it's sometimes funny...but always obnoxious!

Then there's the "that's not fair" whine. I wish we could simply say once "life's not fair" and they'd be like "Ooohhh. I get it! It's not gonna be fair. Okay. Thanks!" and then ran off and played!

So, while my children whine and spit spat back and forth, I'll be enjoying the occasional giggle, followed by an exasperated sigh and one of my favorite mantras. "My children are a delight and a joy."

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