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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Vacation

They give this little break between school years such an innocent name. In fact, it sounds like it should be full of sunshine, smiles, and s'mores. In reality, however, its usually more about holding off boredom and begging children to behave.

This year I planned ahead, though. I have projects to craft, recipes to bake, day trips to take. My mama's group meets every other week and, therefore, can be held over there heads...er I mean, can be motivation for good behavior. In all my planning, though, I never actually looked at a calendar until last night. Know what I figured out?

Our summer vacation isn't really going to be that long. It's dotted with big fun!

In just under two weeks we're having our Gebel Family Birthday Party. We won't be doing anything too crazy, but the kids will have friends over and their friend's parents are my friends. That's nice when it works out that way. We have visitors coming at the beginning of July. That always breaks up the monotony of having to hang with mom! A few weeks after that we (the kids and I) will be venturing out on a two and a half week road trip to visit friends, family, and a few never be seen road-side stops. I'm probably more excited about this trip than the kids! Hopefully, we'll all have fun. So, it should be a great summer...right?

Wait a minute...somebody's crying. After that it'll be a great summer!

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