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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coming Into Her Own

Scott's mom used to warn us, when we had only Jace, that the second child is always different from the first. In fact her second was so different that she decided not to have any more. Jace was such a sweet boy, still is, that we couldn't imagine a "different" so opposite him we'd stop with two. Then we had Gracie.

Don't get me wrong, Gracie is a great girl. But she and Jace are definitely different. She requires a lot more patience and prayer. I don't know if it's because she really is more trouble or just not what we were used to. But when we got pregnant with our third we joked that unlike Scott's mom we weren't going to stop at two, but intentionally have a third so we could forget the middle child. Seriously, we were joking. We love Gracie, as much as Jace and Tyler. We truly have fantastic kids.

But...I found myself sharing stories about Jace more than Gracie, during those first few years. He seemed to have a personality I could recount more easily. Then there was the baby to tell everyone about, and Jace had started school. It became so clear to me, maybe because I'm a middle child or because I had an interest in human behavior and am acutely aware of these things, but it became clear to me how easily she could get lost in the mix. That is, if she wasn't Gracie.

She stands out with her emerging wit. Yesterday I bought a bottle of flavored water for Jace and Gracie to share. Back in the car Jace asked, "Why'd you drink it all?"

Gracie quickly retorted, "Because it was good." A moment for impact. "Sorry, Charlie!"

Good thing I wasn't drinking anything, I probably would have spit it out my nose or something!

Our middle child is also our only girl, which creates a magical mix of tomboy and girly girl. She loves to wear "loud shoes" and dresses, although she recently told me she's starting to like pants more. She thinks they look "so cute with a fun pair of sandals." She can hold her own outside in the sand box, but she'll likely have a necklace on doing it.

She's so excited about preschool in the fall, and I'm excited for her. I'm eager to see how much more her personality blossoms with influence from so many other kids. She'll be learning so much more than how to write the ABC's.

One thing she's already mastered though, is the art of positive reinforcement. I'm so easily charmed when she cuddles up to me with, "You're the best mom. I love you." or "Can I sit with you? I just want to love you up." I'm a sucker, I know!

So, mama's little girl will soon be four and her feisty, fashion-loving personality is only just beginning to flourish!

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Mary Teresa said...

Nick said Scott better get the cage ready. She'll be asking for miniskirts and make up in no time =D