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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothering the Mother

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Like a lot of moms I have a habit of saying, "You don't need to get me anything." And it's true. There's no need. However, it would be wonderful if you wanted to and did celebrate me, just a little. That gets left unsaid, though.

Scott has been thoughtful, though, always getting me a card. Sometimes he even signs them. If the card says wife on it, he says it doesn't need a signature, "Who else would it be from?" (See why I love him?)

This year the kids are taking Mother's Day into their own little hands. Jace made something for me at school that he's very excited to present tomorrow. They came up with this plan that I have to stay in bed until Dada comes to get them and then they'll all come in and wake me up and say "Happy Mother's Day!" very loudly. Jace asked Scott if they could get me flowers. , and they did...today! I'm the proud recipient of a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers. Gracie got to carry them to me and she was beaming.

And when I tucked Gracie in she whispered that she had a secret to tell me, with a little gleam in her eyes. I leaned in and she shared, "I'm so excited for tomorrow. You're the best mom."

Their joy over me is contagious. I feel loved by all three kids, even Tyler cooed something that sounded like the beginning of "I love you" tonight. There's no question that Scott respects, admires, and adores me...as the mother he chose for our little monkeys. I don't feel like tomorrow is just another day. It'll be a special day for us, for me.

Thank God, they take such good care of me. Mama.


Mary Teresa said...

Ok. Too much. Lol. Here I am crying like a little girl. Or a pregnant woman at a hallmark commercial. You are an awesome momma! Love you all!

Mary Teresa said...

Now I have to tell you that my word to verify was "blest" Not spelled quite right, but same meaning!

Annie said...

love it!