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Saturday, May 9, 2009

No Carts?

I should have taken the hint from the car that whipped through the parking lot and almost hit us this morning at Walmart. After all, it's a Saturday...the day before Mother's Day...people were everywhere. But I didn't listen to the screeching brakes.

We went inside and found out there were no carts. How can that be? It's Walmart. I'd passed a few rogue carts in the parking lot and I tried to keep an eye on Gracie and Jace and not drop Tyler or my purse...oh and not get run over! I thought about going back out to get one of them. I thought about just going home. But I had a list! What would happen if we didn't get bananas and sugar snap peas?

As I stood there contemplating, another family dropped off their cart, one of the super ones with two seat for the older kids and the spot for Tyler too! Patience, faith, luck...whatever it was...it worked out. $40 later we dropped our cart off to another over-heated family wondering how Walmart has no carts! It's the circle of life.

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