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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quotes From Today

"But, Mama...we're always touching something."


"We are not a family of petite feet.  Sorry."


"Why is Tyler crying over getting a shot?  It's not like he's getting shot by a gun."


(Recognizing the number 3)
"This is three like me."


"I think I just saw our gymnastics teacher in the awesome store."
(This is how Jace refers to Victoria's Secret.)
"Very nice.  We're not going to say hello."
"Why not?  Is it because she's looking at underwear?"
"Yes, yes it is."


"Don't tell Dada we're having ice cream for dinner.  He'll be mad."
"No he won't!  He'll be jealous.  We still shouldn't tell him."


"You can't have alcohol for snack."

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Domestic Diva said...

Victoria Secret one is my favorite, the awesome store! LOVE IT! Too funny-These quotes made me smile!