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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lighthearted Randomness

I realized today that I've been pretty heavy on here lately...all this talk of missing my husband, helping the kids deal with patrol, matters of faith and heart...

It all has it's place, but it's time for something to maybe leave a smile on your face, and mine.  So, here are some random facts or realizations from our recent lives.

1.  My random number of exaggeration has been 42 recently.  I'm not sure why but I keep hearing myself say things like, "I've already told you 42 times..." or "I'll be right there.  Just give me a minute or 42."  I don't know the significance of it.

2.  String cheese gets stuck in the barrel of a Nerf gun.  The good news is that putting darts in and pulling the trigger repeatedly will dislodge said cheese stick, at least if it's not a whole one.  A whole one might require more.  But pieces are dislodged, shot across a room, picked up and eaten. 

3.  Massages that require icing afterwards not only leave you sore, but also have you sitting up straighter, meaning you need to adjust the rear view mirror before driving.

4. Increased water pressure and too much toilet paper can lead to overflowing toilets.

5.  It takes approximately 42 days for mail to get from GA to WA.*

*I may be exaggerating slightly, but probably not all that much.  Seriously.

6.  It is possible to return a book to the library and for it to not get scanned in, even though the librarian I spoke to thought that preposterous.  But when she came back on the phone and admitted the book was on the shelf, she found this situation so amazing that she suggested I buy a lotto ticket - I was that lucky!  I didn't.

7.  Apparently parts of the recliner I'm sitting in are held together with Velcro.  Tyler's found it.  Lovely.

8.  Preparations have begun for birthday celebrations (May and June).  Tyler would like a Dukes cake or Thomas cupcakes.  Gracie would like a Fancy Nancy princess cake and a horse for a present.  Jace would like either a cake shaped like the General Lee or a Navy SEALs cake.  He's leaning toward the SEALs cake with water, land and "little cake guys with M20 rifles."  I should be thankful he's not asking for helicopters in the air too.

9.  Gracie can come up with a new ailment every night in order to get out of bed and get me out of my chair to check out what ever's wrong.  Here are some examples...toe hurts, foot hurts, knee hurts, throat hurts, bottom hurts, head hurts...yeah, mine too.  Go to bed.

10.  Many people ask for more hours in the day.  I think I'd like less.  If there were more I'd need to function for longer, fit more in, get more done.  I definitely think fewer hours are in order.

There you have it...a little peek into our world.  Hope you have a wonderfully random, short day, filled with dreams, cheese, and Nerf guns!

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Yeah, love this one, very cute!