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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What're Wits?

"Mama, what're wits?"

Jace posed this question out of the blue earlier tonight. I shook my head to clear the thoughts that were being thought and tried to follow his question. Instead of comprehending right away, though, I countered with the ever brilliant, "What?"

"Wits. What are wits? They're on a mouse."

Um, yeah. That doesn't help. "What?"

"Geronimo Stilton is scared out of his wits. What are his wits?" (Geronimo Stilton is the main mouse in the book series that Jace is currently in love with.)

"Ahh...OK. Well, wits are...well, wits are like smarts. If you are witty then you're clever. If you have your wits about you then you're able to think straight and clearly. If you're scared out of your wits then you can't think straight and clearly. And this applies not just to mice, but to humans as well."

So, how'd I do? Think I had my wits about me when answering Jace's question!?