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Friday, January 8, 2010

Nibble, Nibble...Sigh

Now, now...where have your minds wandered to? This post isn't about anything that happens behind closed bedroom doors, well not really...

Here's the bottom line. We put our house up for sale or rent or rent to own or please, please, please take it by owner. OK we haven't begged anyone...yet. We've had a few calls inquiring about the rent. We let them know what we're asking. They say, "OK, thank you," and hang up. We had someone set up a time to come see it and not show up. And we've have one couple that's actually nibbling.

Scott hasn't talked to them and he's probably the better judge of character, even over the phone. Maybe especially over the phone. But, I think they're seriously interested and I don't think they've been returning my phone calls and emails for a week now for no good reason. I think they actually want to buy our house. The thing is, they can't buy it until at least July. There have been some financial slip-ups and July is the earliest a bank will look at them for a mortgage.

I know...you have sirens and warning lights going off in your head. But I see it this way, they're being forthright and honest and working to restore their credit. That's a good thing. And if we can help them get back on track and get out from under our house...well, then, that's a really good thing.

So, they're nibbling and I guess we're negotiating, trying to find a financial balance where we're not losing more than we can handle and they're not paying more than they can handle. It's a tricky, tricky thing...that's the sigh.

So, as you can now see this has nothing to do with the bedroom, except for, perhaps, a few sleepless nights...tossing and turning waiting for the nibbling to turn into a big ol' bite!

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