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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Diagnosis: Pre-Sick?

I'm tired. I could probably sleep but I'm more interested in rest, quiet. I'm not exhausted, just worn out.

I have a head ache too. Not a migraine or anything close, just a slow, steady pain in my head.

My throat hurts. I can still swallow and talk, I just feel it more when I do.

My eyes are heavy. Every so often my ear aches. I'm slightly chilled.

I'm sick. I'm not sitting in my bathrobe, with a red nose, surrounded by used tissues. I'm not sick enough not to make dinner. But I don't feel well either. Maybe I'm pre-sick. Maybe this is the build up. At the chance that I've caught some nasty illness before it catches me completely, I'm taking it easy.

And I have this to say...I don't want to be so sick I can't function, but at least when I'm that sick I have a reason to stay in bed and cover myself with blankets and watch movies. Right now I look normal but I'm acting lazy.

But lazy is the perfect home treatment for the pre-sick, and I think that's me.

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